Oversized Double Sided Banners

These banners are greater than 10 ft in their smallest dimension. Your graphics are laid out in a head-to-head design and draped over a pole for hanging.

How you can use this product:

  • Sports Arena
  • Malls & Retail Locations
  • Special Events
  • Convention Centers

Things to think about:

  1. Does your logo or graphic have any special colors that need to be matched?

  2. Matching Your Colors

  3. Materials:

  4. Scrim Vinyl

    a. Lighter material with a strong nylon mesh covered in vinyl

    b. Good for short-term outdoor and long-term indoor applications

  5. Finishing Options:

  6. a. Hems

    b. Pockets

    c. Grommets

    d. Velcro