Tension Frame Banners

These banners are an upgrade from regular vinyl banners. You can easily change them, and they look more professional than a banner fastened flat to a wall. You can choose the size you need.

How you can use this product:

Wall Mounted Tension Frames

Things to think about:

  1. Does your logo or graphic have any special colors that need to be matched?
    Matching Your Colors
  2. What are the outer dimensions (h” x w”) of the frame needed?
  3. What are the inner dimensions (h” x w”) of the frame?
  4. Do you know the size of your retainer? (outer dimensions – inner dimensions = retainer size)
  5. Do you need only a banner for an existing frame?
  6. Materials:
    a. 18oz Flex Face Material
    b. Custom Sized Frame
    c. UV Clearcoat

More Information