Awning Decals

This is a specialty decal applied to non-illuminated vinyl awnings. This is a cost-effective method of applying decals to vinyl awnings prior to installation.

NOTE: This product requires a vacuum heat press for proper application.

How you can use this product:


Things to think about:

  1. Does your logo or graphic have any special colors that need to be matched?
    Matching Your Colors
  2. Is the awning illuminated?
  3. How long do you expect it to last?
  4. What type of awning material will the decal be applied to?
  5. How does the decal need to be finished?
  6. Do you have a vacuum heat press for proper application.
  7. Materials:
    3M 7125 8518 Gloss, 8519 Luster, 8520 Matte SPCM-44X
  8. Finishing Options:
    a. Cut To Shape
    b. Kiss Cut
    c. Weed
    d. Premask

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