Indoor Pole Banners

These banners are just like outdoor pole banners except they are made of a lighter vinyl, which has a nicer appearance.

How you can use this product:

Trade ShowsRetail Displays
Shopping MallsSchool Halls

Double Sided Printing

Indoor Pole Banners display graphics on both sides, using the same or different graphics on each side.

Things to think about:

  1. Does your logo or message have any special colors that need to be matched?
    Matching Your Colors
  2. What is the diameter of the pole being used?
  3. What is the height and width of the banners ready to install on your poles?
  4. Your art needs to be designed so that the text, graphic and logo are not in the pocket.
    Pole Pocket Safe Area
  5. Do you need bracket kits?
  6. Material:
    13oz Smooth Vinyl
  7. Finishing Options:
    a. Pockets
    b. Cut to Size

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